A residential community along two city blocks on Wilshire Boulevard that preserves the distinctive architecture of the former Farmers Insurance headquarter building


Upscale homes with modern amenities and generous open space that complement the character and charm of the Brookside neighborhood


Compliant with the Park Mile Specific Plan, the City’s plan that has guided development in the Wilshire Corridor’s Park Mile District for more than 35 years

The Wilshire Mullen Project is a 4.25-acre campus located on the south side of Wilshire Boulevard between Muirfield Road and Rimpau Boulevard and 8th Street and Wilshire Boulevard. The vision for the project was created through extensive community outreach and blends historic renovation with modern design to create 65 condominiums and 16 single-family homes for a total of 81 residential units. The existing eight-story Farmers Insurance building will be thoughtfully renovated and converted into luxury residences, with the balance of the building remaining as professional office. Across Mullen Avenue, the surface parking lot will will be developed into individual residential homes.

81 residential


The redevelopment concept for the Wilshire Mullen Project was initially introduced in 2015 as a mixed-use residential and office project at 4622-4680 Wilshire Boulevard. After extensive community feedback, the plan was modified to its current form. The project team valued neighborhood input and during the past few years, working with residents and community leaders, further revised the design to sensitively address community comments. This resulted in an improved residential plan for the property in the prestigious Wilshire Corridor.


The project is committed to creating compelling living spaces, preserving the Farmers Insurance building and integrating generous open space to attract long-term homeowners. The centerpiece of the project is the Farmers Insurance building, which will be preserved and repurposed into 65 high-end condos. The tower will feature a mixture of units including one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom homes plus penthouse units. In addition, 16 new single family residences will replace the surface parking lot between Mullen and Muirfield avenues.


The project will be worked on collaboratively by three esteemed design teams. The restoration of the existing Farmers building, as well as the adjacent new construction of eight townhomes and a subterranean parking structure, will be overseen by Omgivning Architects, Interior Designers & Urbanists. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, the firm specializes in historic preservation and adaptive reuse of buildings.

Bassenian Lagoni Architecture Planning Interiors, an award-winning residential design studio based in Newport Beach, will design the single-family homes on the block between Mullen Avenue and Muirfield Road.

Working closely with the two architectural firms, acclaimed Los Angeles-based AHBE/MIG Landscape Architects will create a comprehensive landscape plan to unify the community as a whole.

The teams will comply with the Los Angeles Green Building code and feature energy and water efficient systems in their designs.


Wilshire Mullen Siteplan


The revised Wilshire Mullen Project plan calls for the addition of a residential community consisting of 81 market-rate housing units onto a 4.25 acres site fronting Wilshire Boulevard.

The former Farmers Insurance headquarter building will be transformed into 65 condominiums. The project will feature considerable onsite residential amenities. The Farmers Insurance building will have its facades refurbished and retain its distinct Wilshire and Rimpau elevations. Within the building, a portion of professional office space will remain.

On the second block to the east, the existing surface parking lot will be replaced by 16 new construction single family homes.

The Wilshire Mullen Project as a whole will continue to comply with the Park Mile Specific Plan, the City’s planning document that guides development in this area.

The Wilshire Mullen Project has been updated to create an attractive new residential community, one which reduces parking needs and project vehicle trips, while blending seamlessly into the adjacent Brookside neighborhood.

The revised plan will leave a portion of the existing office space in the Farmers Insurance building while converting the majority of the structure into 65 residential condominiums and common amenity spaces.

Yes. Preservation of the Farmers Insurance building is and will continue to be an integral part of the project.

Working with a seasoned team of adaptive reuse architects and historic consultants, CIM Group, the property owner, will maintain the distinct design of the building while renovating it for residential use. CIM Group supports efforts to protect the building and previously submitted an application to the City to designate it a historic-cultural monument.

Omgivning Architects, Interior Designers and Urbanists will oversee the adaptive reuse of the Farmers Insurance building. Bassenian Lagoni will provide the architectural design for the single-family homes. Landscape design around the landmark building and townhomes will be overseen by AHBE/MIG Landscape Architects.

The historic street-facing facades of the Farmers Insurance building will be preserved to maintain the iconic elements of its grand Moderne style originally designed by the Los Angeles architecture firm Walker & Eisen in 1937 to house the Farmers Automotive Insurance Exchange. The east facade that faces the proposed adjacent new construction will be renovated to complement the historic character of the building.

The eight new townhomes will be designed in a Streamline Moderne architectural style to be in harmony with the Farmers Insurance building and [existing/new] landscape. The three-story townhomes will front Wilshire Boulevard and Mullen Avenue to maintain a sensitive scale at the street level while also surrounding a common green space.

The sixteen single-family homes will be distinctively eclectic to reflect the range of residential architectural styles currently found in the Brookside neighborhood including Andalusian, Spanish Colonial and European inspired cottage homes.

No. Mullen Avenue will continue to remain physically open to vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

The project will meet city code and the Park Mile Specific Plan requirements.

Approximately 263 parking spaces will be provided onsite as well as garages adjacent to individual homes. Ample onsite parking will be provided for guests and visitors.

No. The project is designed with strict adherence to the Park Mile Specific Plan.

In general, the height of the proposed structures on the surface parking lots will be proportionate with other structures in the neighborhood, excluding the existing Farmers Insurance building. The majority of the property will consist of low-rise buildings located on the surface lots. The new homes on 8th Street will be consistent in height and compatible with existing homes on the south side of 8th Street and elsewhere in the Brookside neighborhood.

The City of Los Angeles has been conducting design, zoning and environmental analysis for the proposed project and will provide the public with opportunities to review and comment on the project at official milestones during the entitlement process. Public hearings will be held before Los Angeles City planners and the City Council regarding the project approvals.

Construction start date is yet to be determined, but advance notification will coordinated with the community

The Project’s benefits include the preservation and adaptive reuse of the Famers Insurance building, the encouragement of greater pedestrian activity and increased market-rate housing to meet the City’s housing demand.

One of the project’s main benefits is the preservation and enhancement of the Farmers Insurance building. The project will invest substantially in restoring the landmark property, replacing its obsolete infrastructure while preserving its character-defining architectural features. Upon completion, the restored building will offer one-of-a-kind residences with new building systems and modern amenities.

By repurposing the existing asphalt surface lot between Mullen and Muirfield into single family lots with private and public open space, the project will significantly enhance the visual and air quality of the neighborhood. The enhanced streetscape will encourage pedestrian activity and provide support both the zoning intent as well as the visual aesthetics of the Park Mile Specific Plan.

The project ultimately provides new housing - a total of 81 residential units - to attract those interested in this walkable and well-preserved historic neighborhood.

Wilshire Mullen


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